Hi there. I'm Clay. I make Web sites. I've been doing it for a while now. Professionally for about 11 years.

Me on github


Since January 2012 I've been working for OneTwoSee building second-screen applications for major professional sports. That's fancy talk for websites you look at while you're watching a hockey, basketball, or baseball game. These sites are promoted nationally through major television broadcasters, so they get a pretty high amount of traffic. We design these apps for high concurrency and use NodeJS, MongoDB, and nginx. Here are some examples of a few:




My previous freelancing career

I like to customize existing open source software to give you a nice content management system for a price that's very affordable. Specifically:

Sorry there's not much to look at here. Why don't you check out some of my recent projects*:

Magento Stores




* Most of these projects are made possible through the efforts of many. I only take credit for the development and programming of them. In other words, the "making it go" portion.

Here's where I write about
building and customizing web applications.